The Marche Saint Pierre: an incredible place to shop for fabric, leather, accessories! May 16, 2016 18:00

Le Marché Saint-Pierre is one of THE places to go to when in Paris if you want to buy some nice fabric, leather, coupons of fabric and all the hardware you could think of: from buttons to zips and the odd bits and pieces. Reine tissus is a MUST but around this shop you will find tons of others shops just dedicated to the same thing.You really have to dig to find what you need. Don't let the brooding salesmen scare you of, just ask them what you are looking for and they will help! Just pretend to be a parisian and be as broody as them but get what you came for!

Then, go strolling around the neighborhood, the 18th district is just the best for everything. Visit Montmartre and the cathedral which is beautiful, get one of the best Paris' views up at the top of Montmartre and once you leave the bustle of the very touristy Montmartre, go towards Pigalle, St Georges where you have so many cutes restaurants, cafés and bars. So look around and enjoy one of my favourite places in Paris!

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