***New Collection*** and new bag! The Pigalle: Turquoise & Yellow PoP is out! November 21, 2016 00:00

Each bag has a story.

The form - why a bucket bag? Because I love to have a bag where I can just put a LOT of stuff in and the Pigalle just does that for me. I designed it with a rounded form so I can put in my bottle of water, my wallet, my phone, all my different pouches for makeup, pharmacy, literally everything. It has been known to hold my sneaker shoes in too. But even though it can be full, it is still sleek, sexy and elegant, which for me is a must. 

I also enjoy colours as much as I do a black. But why not bring some colours to our everyday wardrobe? It is always about blending in with the blues, the black, the whites, but what about the turquoise, the pink, the folly of some yellow? So when I look for leather, I look for combinations that are going to inspire me and all of you to wake-up in the morning and accessorise a look with a bit of fun and colour. I then choose the interior, keep it simple or funky depending on the mood I am in, but what is certain is that each bag is a one of a kind. If the form is similar, the leather will be different. If the leather is the same, the interior will be different. Creating just one model at a time. For you. 

Then, it's shooting time. And I love as much designing bags as shooting them and see them coming to life under a camera. Some behind the scene pictures for your eyes below. Hope you enjoy some BySo bags and browse around.