The Balaclavas from army utility to high fashion garment

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You must have seen the trending Balaclavas… from an army utility garment, to a robber’s favorite, to a ski must-have to today’s high fashion! It’s original, unique and can be absolute fun as a fashion accessory. Boring me, I only wear a balaclava because I am always cold but I envy those that just go for it and go bold with it. So if you want to be original and get on this trend, I would say go for it… as long as it lasts. 

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Bit of history so we know more the Balaclava story and where it came from.

During the 1853 Crimean war under Ukraine’s very cold climate, the British army was in need of warm hoods to cover their head under their helmet. They used a local woollen product - won’t even try to pronounce it. Get this… as they were based  in the town of Balaclava this hoody naturally became a Balaclava (nice!). And from there on, the British families who knitted that type of hood for their soldiers kept on calling them balaclavas.

For much of the 20th century, the accessory was associated with military forces like the SAS, as they wanted to remain anonymous, and the Balaclava did that alright.

In 1993, the Daft Punk fully covered their faces with helmets and that sparked interest in how a trend could also help you stay anonymous…And, that caught up with Fashion. In 2018, Balaclavas make their entrance on catwalks. Of course, none other than Balenciaga to introduce it! And thereafter, it was a trend - art, fashion, hip hop culture to mainstream.

Gender free, the Balaclava takes multiple shapes, colors and you can express yourself! 

Photo Copyright Maison Margiela 

Some have cute characteristics like long rabbit ears (lol) or cute dog/cat ears (cuteness overload).

Sometimes an accessory like a pair of glasses is integrated in the hood covering even the eyes. With a Balaclava, the result can be quite tamed to completely help release your love of colours & creativity.

I want a Balaclavas but where to get one?

Fashion power houses like Balanciaga, Miu Miu, Jacquemus, Loewe, Khaite, Youth in Balaclavas, C.P. Company propose one-of-a-kind Balaclava fashion statements but at a price! So like me, you can always find more affordable ones at Frankishop, handmade ones on Etsy or on Depop, I love the Free People scarf & Balaclava hoodie combo and colours.

Another option is not to buy and try making one yourself :) @alexandria.masse, works with fiber and fabric and creates wearable art with tutorials for her followers to knit it themselves. I also love le_pull_le_pull for their handmade knits & patterns (see image below) - lovely brand, and beginner-friendly Balaclava pattern.
Plenty of easy tutorials also on YouTube if you want to make your own. The feeling and satisfaction of making your own is worth the try!

copyright image Le_pull_le pull

Ella Emhoff (@ellaemhofflikestoknit), is a designer, artist and model. She gained attention as a designer with her quirky knitwear creations in particular, balaclavas (interesting fact, she is Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter). 

The absolute BySo favourite and shoutout to a small woman-owned business Mila. I want one of those so bad but yet to be on time for a drop and quick enough. But I will absolutely get one as each piece is a work of art, coulour, patience and precision.

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