The story behind BySo








In a few words...

BySo is a brand I created because I love bags. Literally. IN. LOVE. with. Bags. 
I wanted a bag that I could not buy, that I could not find, that was probably too expensive... So I thought - why not create my own bags for me, my friends, my family. 
It started with me sewing a few small pouches, envelopes, wallets, little items and having family and friends encourage me. 
Then it became a handbag design course and how to actually source leathers, work with manufacturers, understand what a "business" meant (still learning there)... 
Drawings after drawings, prototypes after prototypes, it began to feel real.
With the immense help of my family (driving force of the dad, and calm of the mom) 
The BySo story started. 

Each bag created is unique.
Unique in it's colours, composition, it's imperfections, the materials used.
All bags are made of pure leather, that comes from all over the world. Sometimes I play with mock leather and leather, and when I do that, it will be written in the bag's description.
When the exterior is made of leather, the interior is again one of kind, made of fabrics that I have found or friends have brought back from travels from India, Australia, Africa... 
Each bag is handmade with love.
Every month, I create a new collection made of ten to twelve different bags depending on the inspiration and share those with you. 

I hope you will love them as much as I do. I literally want to buy each of them but have to stop myself: all of them are here:

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