There are few things in life that I LOVE more than bags. As I continued to feed my bag addiction, it became pretty clear that high-quality, handmade bags at an approachable price isn't really a thing. 

After many years of contacting ateliers all over the world, pacing through many fabric shops, sourcing vintage or deadstock fabrics, trying to find fabrics that also brighten my heart and are unique in their own way, sewing in my room obsessively and getting prototypes made, I decided it was finally time try and get my vision out into the world. Daunting! 

I launched Byso!

Initially, it was just me creating bags and offering them to my friends to get their feedback and  advice and I saw they absolutely loved them and what was a few bags here and there, became a regular(ish) collection drop. The aim is really to keep the fabrication slow, made from the heart and most of all fun! All your feedback is always welcome.

Each bag is unique. It might have the same form or exterior fabric but the interior or the strap will be different from one bag to the other - one touch will always make each of the bags I create unique to the one made for you. So there might be just one of each bag, which makes it one of a kind.

I don't do orders or customisations (yet :)) BySo is still only me but I am thankfully incredibly supported by my family who actively helps me with BySo, my partner and his amazing advice and the ateliers I work with which help make this a reality. Each bag is uniquely made with love - not in a factory manner but with hands and sewing machines at a slow pace. My hands for certain bags using my home-machine and additional amazing & kind helping hands are helping for heavier fabric, leathers and the more complex handbags that require sturdier sewing machines and techniques.

All at a slow pace. 

I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Byso x