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Creating handbags for BySo means I have to always be on the look-out for the latest trends and let the world inspire me. I am always scrolling through Instagram (of course :)), flickering through paper magazines and can spend hours looking at fashion ads - I am perhaps the only person I know who loves those.
My all-time favourite for inspiration is people-watching as that speaks a thousand words. Every outing is a way for me to see the world differently and be inspired: people, architecture, artists, museums, flowers, fabric-shops (could spend hours in those). And then there are the Fashion weeks with so many styles and sometimes a touch of craziness but also a deep insight into what will be trendy.

A model wears a creation as part of the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2023-2024 ready-to-wear collection presented Thursday, March 2, 2023 in Paris.Lewis Joly/Copyright 2023 The AP

On the look out for Autumn & Winter trends
One of the most prestigious events in the world - all who must be seen converge to the Paris Fashion Week. It takes place twice a year in Paris, France, and is organised by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode and it is a must for brands that can see their sales increase dramatically if they have had a successful week. Zoom on what peaked my curiosity and inspiration at the Autumn/Winter Parisian week.

Statement shoulder pads are back & I love it
No longer Yves Saint Laurent’s chasse gardée - the androgynous figure is back on the catwalks, with shoulder pads, showing off geometric, square and sculpted shoulders. There is less fluidity in the movement of the body, more sharpness and seriousness with darker tones. Of course, Saint Laurent showed off its 80s-inspired blazer and Alexander McQueen wasn’t far behind with beautifully sculpted shoulders.
See Alexander McQueen’s Fashion show on YouTube Here

Courtesy Saint Laurent  - automne-hiver-2023-2024
Courtesy Alexander Mcqueen - automne-hiver-2023-2024

But aren’t we all looking for a more relaxed way of life?
And what is more relaxed than the revival of Cargo Pants and being able to have huge pockets stitched to our clothes to travel “lightly”? As much as I am still fighting the Cargo pants trend, I do love bags that can fit our whole lives - so the thought of those big pockets meets a handbag accessory and a hands-free one at that, is sparking some ideas on the BySo side of things. Stay tuned for more soon.

Courtesy Fendi & Balmain

Come on Barbie, let’s go Party!
In terms of colour, beware - the upcoming Barbie film is going to have us spiralling down a Barbie world quicker than we expected. Here comes the pinks, the baby blues and to add a bit of drama: neon colours & bold golds are guests to the party. I wonder if it’s Barbie who inspired the Catwalks or cheekily if Byso wasn’t ahead of the game with metallic pinks, blues, corduroy pinks and neon green & fushia a year-ish back now. Joke aside, we perhaps all want a bit of colourful sunshine in a bleak Winter that has lasted way too long.

Courtesy Givenchy - automne-hiver 2023-2024

Courtesy Germanier - automne-hiver 2023-2024

One more thing: a woman can buy her own flowers
Miley Cyrus’ lyrics didn’t leave many women indifferent  earlier this year. A hymn to women who can be  independent  and make themselves happy, buy themselves flowers and just believe that they are  powerful & amazing enough to stand for themselves. And flowers (coincidentally) were everywhere at the Fashion Shows - bigger than real-life flowers adhering women’s bodies.    
Chanel’s Fashion show can be seen here and opens the door to Viard minimalism.
The show took place around three gigantic white camellias. Same camellias that you find as a red thread throughout the show, on the garments - embroidered, in filigree, as a broach…
But not only… Ibrahim Kamara’s (Off-White) debut collection saw the flower evolve in the 3D sphere with lifelike tropical flowers; Bottega Veneta’s flowers blossomed artfully and Loewe was the talk of the town with its giant anthurium.

Courtesy Elie Saab - automne-hiver 2023-2024

Courtesy OFF-WHITE - automne-hiver 2023-2024

Courtesy Chanel - automne-hiver 2023-2024

So Reader,
What struck you during the Fashion Paris Week, what are the trends you cannot wait to wear yourself or what is an absolute no-no? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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