XL Metallic Royal Blue & Gold BySoBumBag

£80 GBP
Amazing metallic royal blue & gold triangles BySoBumBag and royal blue & gold zippers. Looks beautiful on the shoulder or across the body and keeps your hands free.

Material: metallic royal blue & gold genuine leather
Strap: the sleek dark blue strap is inter-changeable so you can mix & match. Its size is 64cm min to 100 cm max strap size including rings and clasps. If you want to add straps to your collection, more straps (click here).
Lining: floral blue fabric
Metal fittings: gold
Internal pocket: yes 
External pockets: 1 in front to access the BumBag, closed by a royal blue & gold zipper, 1  at the back, closed by a royal blue & gold zipper. Both to keep your belongings safe.
Size: 40x17x10cm

Please note there can be a slight difference in colour between the images and the item itself.

Please note that each item is handmade with sewing machines and made from existing fabric and leathers most of the time. So there might be some little imperfections but these show the handmade work, the source of the fabric and makes the item just perfect.

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