ROSA BELT | Shiny Brown Belt (85 - 92 cm)

£20 GBP

Only 1 piece in stock!

If you fancy changing up your Rosa BumBag Belts - this sleek shiny brown webbing strap and brown leather is a must.

Belt width (for loop size): 3,8 cm
Belt length:
1st hole: 84 cm
2nd hole: 86 cm
3rd hole: 88 cm
4th hole: 90 cm
5th hole: 92 cm

You can create new holes too (5 cm from the last hole on the belt).

If you cannot find a strap/belt your size don't hesitate to send me an email to request a different size. I will check fabric/leather availability and find something that works for you.

Metal fittings: gold hardware

Please note there can be a slight difference in colour between the images and the strap itself, protect your strap from the rain! 

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