Leopard Rosa Bag (BELT NOT INCLUDED)

£50 GBP

Stunning leopard Rosa bag with a striking golden lunar interior flap & a black lining.

Wear your Rosa 4 WAYS:

  • The Rosa can be worn as a clutch 
  • The Rosa can be worn on your own belt around your waist or trousers (please check the size of the Rosa's belt loops - 3,5 to 3,8 cms - to ensure it fits your personal belt)
  • The Rosa can be worn with one of our BySo signature belts - find them HERE to choose from (available in different sizes). 
  • The Rosa can be now also worn with a strap or a chain - find them HERE

The belt is inter-changeable or you can use your own so you can mix & match. 
The strap is inter-changeable or you can use your own so you can mix & match. 
2x magnets on the front of the Rosa as well as a zipped interior pocket keep your belongings safe. 

Material: genuine printed leopard leather
Belt Loop size (important): max 3,5/3,8 cms
Belt strap: our recommendation HERE
Lining: golden lunar pattern leather and black fabric
Metal fittings: gold
Internal pocket:
 yes closed with a black zip 
Size: 12x20x5,5 cms

You want more belts?
You can find more belts HERE

Please note there can be a slight difference in colour between the images and the handbag itself.

Care instructions 
It’s imperative to protect your bag before taking it out for the first time. Leather bags should be protected regularly to ensure a protective barrier continually coats the surface, repelling water, oils and other common substances that may come into contact with your bag.

When you come to clean your leather bag at home, always test on an inconspicuous small area of the bag first, and apply with a light hand - don’t be tempted to use force. Only if it works on that surface do you then proceed. 

  1. Use a microfiber or other soft cloth to remove surface dust.
  2. Use saddle soap or other leather-safe moisturizing soap applied to a damp cloth to clean the leather.
  3. Buff the leather, don't rinse with water and don’t use too much force

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