The Bedford in style

£80 GBP £90 GBP

The Bedford is a chic showstopper that everyone will envy you. It is also so practical, but you can really organise all your belongings.

The Bedford works with any type of occasion: from the basics jean for the day to a very cute black dress for an evening out. The red interior is stricking.

Each bag is unique, made of different leathers and fabrics sourced all over the world. Inspiration, colours, seasons and my mood help me create one bag at a time.

Colours: black leather, red interior fabric and gold hardware.

  • Can be worn on the shoulder or across the body
  • Adjustable and changeable strap
  • Pure leather for the exterior and strap
  • Internal zipped pocket
  • Handmade

More Details

    • Waterproofing advised

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